Should I Stay or Should I Go ~ Connor & Gina

should-i-stay-i-goShould I Stay or Should I Go: Connor & Gina (The Adlers Book 4)

Neither Connor nor Gina is looking for love. But sometimes love finds you anyway, and it can force you to face some very unpleasant demons. Join Connor and Gina as they learn more about themselves, each other and the unstoppable force of true love that can overcome what can sometimes seem like insurmountable odds.

Connor Adler has just met the most gorgeous female he’s ever seen in his life. The Italian bombshell is somehow related to his oldest brother’s new wife. Connor can hardly wait to get to know Miss Gina Giamanti in a much more intimate way for a short term, no commitment lust affair.

Gina Giamanti left Italy for the States with little more than her degree in landscape architecture. She’s looking for a job, but she’s also running. But she hasn’t told anyone about the horrible experience she’s trying to forget. As much as she wants to deny the attraction, her heart skips a beat the first time she sees Connor Adler. When he offers her the job she desperately needs, she can hardly believe her luck. However, she’s learned the hard way that a male’s good looks can be deceiving. Can she trust that the handsome young man who would be her boss won’t take advantage of her?