When a Man Loves a Woman ~ Michael & Analese

When a Man Loves a Woman: Michael & Analese, The Adlers

Formerly published as: “A House is Not a Home”

As the eldest of the nine Adler children, Michael Adler has already helped raise his younger brothers and sisters. As far as he’s concerned, marriage is an outdated institution and totally unnecessary in today’s world. When he meets Analese Martin, she seems to be a perfect candidate for the position of “significant other” in his life.

Analese is highly successful in an industry viewed by many with skepticism or even scorn. Her husband left when their two-year-old son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Since then, she’s made it a habit to steer clear of men. But when Michael Adler comes to her house to discuss designing and building her dream home something changes.

The attraction between Michael and Analese is undeniable. But ten-year-old Trevor complicates everything. Can the single mother break her hard and fast rules? Will the confirmed bachelor succumb to the allure of the stunningly beautiful woman and her wheelchair confined son?