Love in Bloom

My neighbor has a magnolia tree and it is in full bloom … absolutely beautiful! Of course, that got me thinking about love and how, even though intangible, love also blooms. Love in BloomWe’ve all heard of love at first sight. I look at that as the first bud … love has not yet bloomed.

Naturally, since I’m a romance writer, it is romantic love of which I speak. I have been watching the magnolia tree next door for many weeks. Just as nature takes time and the proper conditions to come into full bloom, so does love.

I remember a few years ago when we had unusually warm, actually hot weather, in March. It was much too early for the delicate buds of the magnolia and other flowering trees to begin to bloom, but they did. After only a small number of days, the weather went back to normal and the tiny blooms were destroyed. I was saddened. It hurt my heart.

For romantic love to bloom eternally, there are also conditions that must be met.  There’s a lesson to be learned from the magnolia tree. Remember to take it slow. Rushing into a relationship too soon, not giving yourself or the other person the time needed to truly get to know and sincerely care about one another can cause an early bloom to shrivel and die. Nurture the tiny bud of love. Give it the time and space it needs to grow.

When I see an older couple walking hand in hand, I see a love that has bloomed and been allowed to mature. It is my wish that you find a love that will “bloom eternally in your heart.”

*  *  *

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Author: Anita Louise Romance

My husband, Mike, comes from a large and loving family of nine children, and they were the inspiration for the Adler Series. All of my books center around the important people in every woman’s life – romantic relationships, family, and friends. I do my best to take readers on an emotional journey as they observe how the characters in my stories think and feel. It is my hope that while reading, hearts will be touched, funny-bones will be tickled, and overall, lovers of romance will be uplifted and inspired. I have always been an avid reader of love stories, and my passion for romance found another outlet when I discovered how much fun it was to write about my own smart and sexy heroes and heroines. I am also an ardent and devoted student of personal development. Weaving the life changing principles that guided me to the love of my life and to a happy marriage is an important aspect in each of my novels. . Hope you enjoy getting to know all the Adlers as much and I'm enjoying them. Please look for me on Amazon and other popular sites. Also, it would be appreciated very much if you would please share your feedback with me by posting your review.

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