Perfect Love

Have you ever made a mistake?  …  Me too. Lots of them.


Nobody’s perfect, and we all know it. So why do we get so bent out of shape when the person we care about the most says or does something to upset us? Every couple has their good days and bad days … good times and bad times.

It’s not what happens, it’s how you deal with what happens that makes all the difference.

When you’ve been hurt, what do you do? Do you get quiet and sulk – keeping how you feel locked up inside? Do you get angry and yell – blaming and shouting your pain for the world to hear?  Or perhaps you try to ignore it – hoping it will somehow magically disappear.

Stuff happens. Ignoring it, blaming others for the way you feel, or running away from whatever it is, might make you feel better for a little while, but probably isn’t the best solution in the long run.

A long lasting relationship requires communication. Opening up and expressing how you feel is often the most difficult thing for people to do. Most of us weren’t raised to be honest with our feelings. Sometimes we might not even know how to express what it is that we’re experiencing.

“I’m hurt.”     “I’m afraid.”     “I’m sad.”    “I’m upset.”

Whatever it is, talk about it. If you’re in a relationship where expressing your feelings – good, bad, or indifferent – isn’t possible … that’s a problem.

Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. When you’re in a relationship where you are able to honestly express your pain and your joy, your ups and your downs … that’s when you know you’re in a relationship that’s PERFECT for you.


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Author: Anita Louise Romance

My husband, Mike, comes from a large and loving family of nine children, and they were the inspiration for the Adler Series. All of my books center around the important people in every woman’s life – romantic relationships, family, and friends. I do my best to take readers on an emotional journey as they observe how the characters in my stories think and feel. It is my hope that while reading, hearts will be touched, funny-bones will be tickled, and overall, lovers of romance will be uplifted and inspired. I have always been an avid reader of love stories, and my passion for romance found another outlet when I discovered how much fun it was to write about my own smart and sexy heroes and heroines. I am also an ardent and devoted student of personal development. Weaving the life changing principles that guided me to the love of my life and to a happy marriage is an important aspect in each of my novels. . Hope you enjoy getting to know all the Adlers as much and I'm enjoying them. Please look for me on Amazon and other popular sites. Also, it would be appreciated very much if you would please share your feedback with me by posting your review.

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