The Power of Choice

“Life isn’t always easy,” Jane stated with a shrug. “As happy as I am now, there were plenty of times in my life when things weren’t so wonderful. But I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. There’s a line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet that says, ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’”

Gina shook her head. “I’m not so sure. Some things that happen are just bad. I do not understand how anyone could think about them in any other way. Trying to pretend that something bad is good sounds crazy to me.”

“I can see how you’d say that,” Jane responded. “All we have to do is listen to the news to hear about all the terrible things that are happening around the world. Lives are lost. People, young and old, are hurt, abused, and taken advantage of. From terrorists to tsunamis … there are plenty of dreadful events taking place.”

“So, you agree with me? Corretto?”

Now it was Jane’s turn to shake her head. “No, I can’t say that I agree with you, Gina. To me, it’s not about pretending that the bad thing didn’t happen or that something bad is good. It’s about making a choice even in the most difficult of circumstances—a choice to see things differently. My choice is to believe that something good comes out of every experience. Of course, I prefer the occurrences that make me happy—enjoyable events that make me smile and bring me pleasure. But I choose to believe that even when something happens to me that’s painful, sad or even those things that seem to be totally unfair … Well, no matter what the situation is, I still choose to believe it’s possible for something good to come from it. Then I do my best to look for what that good is and use the experience to help me in the long run—to help me grow … to become a better, more caring, more compassionate human being.” Jane looked at Gina and waited patiently for her response.

Power to choose

After sitting in silence for several minutes, Gina spoke. “Millie told me you were a counselor. You must be a very good one, because what you said makes sense.” As the women sat quietly in a room filled with joy and laughter, a tear slipped from Gina’s eye and rolled down her cheek. “But, why? Why do these bad things happen?”

Jane placed her hand gently on the young woman’s shoulder. “I don’t know, Gina. Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be an answer to why something happens. When those times come, rather than asking why, I stop and say to myself, ‘Okay, this is my reality. Now, what am I supposed to do with it? What can I learn from this? How can I grow from this experience? Is there some way I can use this to help others?”

“You are a very wise woman, Jane. I have been feeling angry and afraid–sad and hurt, about … Well, that is why I want to talk to you.”

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Author: Anita Louise Romance

My husband, Mike, comes from a large and loving family of nine children, and they were the inspiration for the Adler Series. All of my books center around the important people in every woman’s life – romantic relationships, family, and friends. I do my best to take readers on an emotional journey as they observe how the characters in my stories think and feel. It is my hope that while reading, hearts will be touched, funny-bones will be tickled, and overall, lovers of romance will be uplifted and inspired. I have always been an avid reader of love stories, and my passion for romance found another outlet when I discovered how much fun it was to write about my own smart and sexy heroes and heroines. I am also an ardent and devoted student of personal development. Weaving the life changing principles that guided me to the love of my life and to a happy marriage is an important aspect in each of my novels. . Hope you enjoy getting to know all the Adlers as much and I'm enjoying them. Please look for me on Amazon and other popular sites. Also, it would be appreciated very much if you would please share your feedback with me by posting your review.

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