Why Do We Close Our Eyes?

How does it make you feel? Often, I find myself closing my eyes and putting myself in the place of the people I write about. If I can feel what they’re feeling, perhaps it is possible to share that emotion with my readers.


“She ran water in the shower until steam filled the room. Within minutes, she was stripped down and stepping under the spray. Letting the hot water stream over her, she soaped up her body and washed her hair. Just then, a delightfully wicked thought popped into her head. The only thing that would make this better would be if Connor was here enjoying this warm, soft spray with me.

Her soapy hands slid across her hips, and she hummed softly. Connor’s face appeared in her mind as her hands moved slowly up her body until they found her breasts. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back under the warm water. Her nipples were firm, and she rolled the hardened tips between her fingers, imagining it was Connor’s hands instead of her own—softly caressing her sensitive skin. A tingle started between her legs, and she heard herself moan quietly.”

This is a very brief excerpt from my next book, Should I Stay or Should I Go ~ Connor & Gina, The Adlers Book 4. Do you feel what  Gina is feeling?

If you like reading about good, but not perfect people – along with sizzling scenes like this, you may enjoy getting to know the Adler family.

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Author: Anita Louise Romance

My husband, Mike, comes from a large and loving family of nine children, and they were the inspiration for the Adler Series. All of my books center around the important people in every woman’s life – romantic relationships, family, and friends. I do my best to take readers on an emotional journey as they observe how the characters in my stories think and feel. It is my hope that while reading, hearts will be touched, funny-bones will be tickled, and overall, lovers of romance will be uplifted and inspired. I have always been an avid reader of love stories, and my passion for romance found another outlet when I discovered how much fun it was to write about my own smart and sexy heroes and heroines. I am also an ardent and devoted student of personal development. Weaving the life changing principles that guided me to the love of my life and to a happy marriage is an important aspect in each of my novels. . Hope you enjoy getting to know all the Adlers as much and I'm enjoying them. Please look for me on Amazon and other popular sites. Also, it would be appreciated very much if you would please share your feedback with me by posting your review.

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