Love that Empowers

Meet the Adlers. What do you get when you combine sexy and smart with kind and considerate? The Adler Family.

John and Juliette Adler have done a wonderful job of raising their nine children. Now those children are adults, and Juliette would like to be a grandmother. Besides, she and her husband want their children to experience what it’s like to fall head-over-heels like they did over forty years ago. Enjoy the journey as each of the Adlers finds their one true love.

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Book 1

Why does Aaron Adler’s ex-wife keep calling him? Their marriage is over, but Sharon seems to think she can win him back.

Aaron has everything he’s ever wanted. His work as a highly paid author and speaker is very rewarding, and he’s perfectly satisfied with the short-term sexual liaisons he’s become used to. But now his publisher wants Aaron to write about successful relationships in his next book. How can he do that when he’s never had one? Everything begins to change when Jane Barloc enters his life. Have they met before? The immediate connection he feels is stronger than anything he’s ever before experienced.

When Jane Barloc’s counseling client Connor needs a ride to his parents’ house, she’s happy to help him out. But, when Connor drags her into the house, Jane is shocked to see the man who’s been haunting her dreams for years. She had no idea Connor Adler was related to the famous author.

Can the woman who’s always seen herself as a “Plain Jane” win the heart of the handsome and über wealthy man she could never seem to forget? Will Aaron choose Jane over his super sexy ex-wife?

Book 2

Zack Carter works long hours as an emergency room physician in Boulder, and he has no time for romance. Besides, he doesn’t trust women. His engagement to his high school sweetheart ended when he found her in bed with another man. He knows better than to open himself up again. But the first time he sees Brooke Adler, she practically takes his breath away.

When Brooke Adler’s mother ends up in the hospital, the last thing in the world Brooke expects to find is love. But when Dr. Zackary Carter walks into the cafeteria, she thinks she might have found her own personal Doctor McDreamy.

Zack and Brooke meet again in the popular Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder and sparks fly. Now he can’t seem to stop thinking about her. But Brooke can’t seem to get past the fact that males have been choosing her flamboyant twin over her since they were six years old. Can she expect anything different from the handsome doctor?


WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN-minBook 3 (Previously published as “A House Is Not a Home”)

As the eldest of the nine Adler children, Michael Adler has already helped raise his younger brothers and sisters. As far as he’s concerned, marriage is an outdated institution and totally unnecessary in today’s world. When he meets Analese Martin, she seems to be a perfect candidate for the position of “significant other” in his life.

Analese is highly successful in an industry viewed by many with skepticism or even scorn. Her husband left when their two-year-old son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Since then, she’s made it a habit to steer clear of men. But when Michael Adler comes to her house to discuss designing and building her dream home something changes.

The attraction between Michael and Analese is undeniable. But ten-year-old Trevor complicates everything. Can the single mother break her hard and fast rules? Will the confirmed bachelor succumb to the allure of the stunningly beautiful woman and her wheelchair confined son?


Book 4

Neither Connor nor Gina is looking for love. But sometimes love finds you anyway, and it can force you to face some very unpleasant demons. Join Connor and Gina as they learn more about themselves, each other and the unstoppable force of true love that can overcome what can sometimes seem like insurmountable odds.

Connor Adler has just met the most gorgeous female he’s ever seen in his life. The Italian bombshell is somehow related to his oldest brother’s new wife. Connor can hardly wait to get to know Miss Gina Giamanti in a much more intimate way for a short term, no commitment lust affair.

Gina Giamanti left Italy for the States with little more than her degree in landscape architecture. She’s looking for a job, but she’s also running. But she hasn’t told anyone about the horrible experience she’s trying to forget. As much as she wants to deny the attraction, her heart skips a beat the first time she sees Connor Adler. When he offers her the job she desperately needs, she can hardly believe her luck. However, she’s learned the hard way that a male’s good looks can be deceiving. Can she trust that the handsome young man who would be her boss won’t take advantage of her?


Book 5

What IS that Light at the end of the tunnel?

An explosion nearly took Tyler McDonald’s life and precipitated a bizarre experience. Now his carefully planned life has been turned upside down, and he has to reexamine everything he thought he knew … about life and about love.

Olivia Adler has been in love with Tyler McDonald for a long as she can remember. There’s only one problem. He’s never treated her as anything more than his best friend’s sister. Will her involvement with another man make Tyler see her differently and change his mind?